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Superbly written by Sister Mary Catharine (a cloistered Dominican Nun of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary, Summit, New Jersey), Amata Means Beloved is a profound and emotionally moving novel about Emily Barone, a young woman who seeks to become a nun and be known as Sister Maria Amata. Yet Sister Maria Amata is hiding from a tragic and painful secret - her inability to forgive the man who murdered her brother. Sister Maria Amata's test of spirit is at hand, and she cannot keep fleeing forever; she must make a hard choice before she can walk God's path. Amata Means Beloved is a moving and uplifting story -- and highly recommended reading.


From Authors, Readers and Friends

"A delicate interweaving of so many facets of a young woman's call to be a cloistered, contemplative nun."  --Julia Ann O'Sullivan

"More than just a sparkling portrait of religious life, Amata Means Beloved is the story of a woman's deep inner struggle with pain and forgiveness. Sr. Mary Catharine Perry takes the reader on a fascinating journey, and her writing is full of heart and soul. This beautiful book is impossible to put down after reading even just one page!" --Elizabeth Kuhns, author, The Habit: A History of the Clothing of Catholic Nuns

Good luck with the publishing of this book, it's great that the book will draw more people into understanding the contemplative vocation --Stephen Flanagan


"Amata Means Beloved" is a wonderful portrayal of monastic Dominican life. The book was so interesting that I read it in one sitting. --Victoria Foshey


Congratulations! Your book will go a long way in showing that cloistered nuns are real people who love and care for others but are also madly in love with God. I wish every high school junior or senior could read it!  --Sister Mary Thomas, OP


Thank you for writing such a beautiful, inspiring book. My wife gave it to me as a Christmas present, and once I began reading it, I thoroughly enjoyed every single word. It touched me deeply and also gave me a better understanding and appreciation for the holy, loving, dedicated life of the contemplative nuns!"--Mike Montemurro


I just finished this book and can't recommend it enough! The fear, the trepidation of Emily/Maria Amata comes across on every page as she struggles with her commitment to the Lord and the concept of forgiveness. Truly, a good and thoughtful read for anyone of any age or faith - be you Catholic, Very Lapsed Catholic (like myself!), Protestant or of whatever faith you follow, this book will show a whole new world while telling a story that appeals to everyone's heart and soul.          --Sheryl Nantus, author


There are a lot of books out there that are about religious and what supposedly goes on behind the closed doors of convents and monasteries. But here is a work of fiction written by someone who lives the life and one can be assured that the struggles, hopes and dreams of Sister Mary Catharine are reflected in the characters in her fine novel. This is a real page turner, a great read! --Michael Dubruiel, author and Acquisition Editor

Have you ever thought about what the contemplative life is about, especially here and now, post Vatican II, 21st Century,
America? This is an engaging story, eye-opening, about a young girl's coming-of-age, realizing both her career and her 'vocation', set against a community of cloistered Catholic nuns. There's nothing simpy or weepy about these characters -- and, yes, they are characters -- and there's also nothing of the stained glass, God-in-my-life, hymn'ed, phony spiritualism which could easily infect this genre. Instead, we're shown the growth of an adult religious life, from a mature, grown-up prospective, without preaching, without sentimentality, and also without sarcasm or sneering or skepticism. This is as straightforward and realistic and honest as can be, and makes for a riveting and delightful read. -- Bob Kovacs






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